Terms of use

By accessing or using the service, you state that you have read access conditions and rules of coexistence of its ethical code.

Access conditions:

These conditions govern the use of the website www.maturana.com

Service of Maturana :

www.maturana.com is a free service C. Maturana, S.L. which  aims to help specialists in orthopedics and traumatology.

Entry requirements:

To create a user account in "Maturana" You must have at least 18 years. You must be a health professional  with authority to prescribe drugs. "Maturana" is a page for the professional health provider. It is not a query webpage for patients with pathology in the musculoskeletal system. By registering on "Maturana" you declare that you meet these requirements and are able to understand, accept and comply with the conditions of access and ethical code governing the operation of this network. C. Maturana may ask you for information at any time to show your real age, we could ask you to provide photocopy of your Identity Card or equivalent document. You can also ask information confirming that you are a professional who specializes in Locomotor health . From C. Maturana we reserve the right to block or cancel your profile if you do not give us that information within the time we tell you.

In the user registered processiong , you must choose a passcodes. Each time you want to enter the network, the system will ask these keys to authenticate, being responsible for all actions taken with your username and password.

C. Maturana is not responsible for the custody you make of these identifying elements, or use of  third party  without your consent.

C. Maturana may restrict the use of certain usernames that violate the rights of third parties.

Registration procedure:

To register in "Maturana" is required to register in the www.maturana.com webpage. This is done by C.Maturana´s staff email  invitation


Intellectual and industrial property:

The contributions and contents, regardless of the nature of these, users do in "Maturana" through different publishing tools available which are authors, will be performed under a Creative Commons under the terms of the license " Attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative work (by-nc-nd) Alike 3.0 Spain "that allows you to copy, distribute and transmit the work. The conditions for this license can be found at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/deed.es_ES.

Should material contributions and contents not subject to the Creative Commons licenses, and according to the laws protecting copyright, you can not post, modify, distribute or reproduce protected by these laws materials, trademarks or any other material that belonging to others, including co-authored works, without obtaining the prior consent of the holders of such rights. As these materials uploader you are responsible for obtaining this authorization, but may not be derived C. Maturana this permitting responsibilities or may be derived from this cause.

The contributions and content that users publish in  www.maturana.com is free and in any case commercial use is derived by "C.Maturana" without the consent of the authors. However you acknowledge and agree that "Maturana" can have advertising revenue, sponsorship, banners, Adsens, or similar services presence which will serve, among others, to finance the C.Maturana, but in no case users will have no right or participation on this income, nor considered an indirect marketing of content.

Data Protection:

To be user "www.maturana.com" the user opens a profile page. This data is also recorded in the databases C. Maturana empowered to do so.

C. Maturana, are entitled, and therefore responsible for these data and comply adequately in their respective areas and at all times the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Data Protection (LOPD) and any other applicable rules or in the future will be enacted.

The collection and processing of such personal data has as main purpose the correct management and development of'www.maturana.com` service, the identification of persons involved in the network and obtain basic information to answer we can raise queries and other activities of C. Maturana.

C. Maturana recognizes the exercise of your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the law. To do this, you must direct us your request via administracion@maturana.com

Completion of service:

You can cancel your account at the service "www.maturana.com" sending an email to the address administracion@maturana.com. In processing the cancellation, your profile will be removed and the information visible to other users.

Removing these data ensures compliance with the data protection policy.

C. Maturana can, at it´s disposal at any time, temporarily or permanently discontinue access and / or service. This interruption can be performed without notice, and by the fact of accepting these conditions when registering you agree the deactivating of your account. C. Maturana not be liable to third parties or the user of the termination or suspension of access or modification itself.


C. Maturana is not responsible for the opinions, declarations, statements and comments you make from the various tools that we offer you in  maturana.com. The holder of the keys to access the network is directly responsible.

To achieve the purposes for which "maturana.com" has been created, it is prohibited the use of user profiles for acts that are considered illegal or unauthorized, they are an attack to other users, fraudulent, defamatory or fail our ethical code.

C. Maturana reserves the right to deactivate user names and accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months.

In maturana.com, the user will find links that lead to web pages, blogs, materials or web sites not managed by C. Maturana and on which C. Maturana has no control and is not responsible for the content, services or products from them, the veracity of the information the party offer or any other type of content offered.

Ethical code:

The following code provides the framework for the proper use of "maturana.com". This ethical code contains the rules of coexistence within the network to promote a positive work environment exchange, opinions and values.

Its main objective is to establish guidelines to protect the maximum privacy rights are recognized by law and the overall experience of the network, as a complement to the access conditions.

If you notice any violation by a third of the network rules, you can inform us by sending an email to administracion@maturana.com
In "Maturana" we encourage the exchange of knowledge freely and without any restriction initially. However, there are legal and contractual limitations on the content and behavior among users.

User Identity:

You must give us real data to create your profile and not lie with age data. You know, as stipulated in the conditions of access, that children under 18 should not access the service "maturana.com".


Equally accordance with the provisions of the conditions of access and use, you must not exchange, share, save or promote, through our network, materials, opinions or comments that violate legal rules and customs.

Invitations to the Community:

When you invite others to participate in the service "maturana.com" you must make sure they know and accept these terms of use. If C. Maturana estimated to have violated community standards for some of those invited, may suspend or terminate both profiles to safeguard the general interests of the community in which they are participating and service integrity "maturana.com ".

Acts not allowed:

It is prohibited, so it will be your sole responsibility, access or use the Service for illegal or unauthorized purposes. More specifically,  is prohibited:

Defame, harass, intimidate or threaten other users of the service network of "maturana.com", or to third parties outside it.
Use personal and intimate details of other people that the community setting purposes "maturana. com" determine.
Using the network as a tool for exchange of materials or information that are obscene, illegal, libelous, immoral and / or inappropriate.
Exchange materials according to the law of intellectual property belonging to a third party without your consent. Similarly, you can not remove the legal notices on copyright, trademark or other related rights.
Use "maturana.com" as a disseminator of virus, sending spam, malicious programs and files and / or programs that interrupt, damage or limit the operation of the network itself or any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment. Similarly, you will not take any action which could damage, overburden, or impair the "maturana.com" network.
Create an account with false identity or by impersonation of another person or entity.
Use any tool or service "maturana.com" as a tool to publish, repeat or duplicate system and / or content automatically.
The realization of any of the above behaviors on your part will allow Maturana C., depending on the severity and in its discretion, suspend or terminate your profile immediately and, if necessary, remove content profiles that violate this list of not permitted acts.

Where applicable, pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, C. Maturana suspend or cancel your profile automatically. Such an act would not give right to any compensation. For all these purposes, we inform you that C. Maturana may give notice and timely cooperate with the competent law enforcement authorities if detected any violation of the law or if it had suspected crime.

Finally, we remind you that C. Maturana not responsible for the opinions, declarations, statements and comments you make from the various tools in this network we offer you, being directly responsible the holder of the keys to access the network .